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Sya Tien Redman is a clinical psychotherapist in private practice, and has operated ever since 1990 in Stockholm, Sweden. After completing her education as psychotherapist in Sweden referred to as “Step 1”, she started to work as dance psychotherapist at Södersjukhuset in Stockholm, where she treated patients with serious mental disorders until she finished in 1994. She initiated her specialization as Ego State therapist in 1994, by including  SFKH:s education, referred to as “Step 2”, after which she acquired the status of licensed psychotherapist. In 2008 Sya completed her SFKH education to be a supervisor and teacher, referred to as “Step 3”. Sya has written several academic articles on dance psychotherapy, and the use of Ego State in effective treatment of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Added to her clinical work with Ego State Therapy, she has also supervised and lectured within the subject on several occasions.


The practice of Ego State Therapy cures symptoms such as eating disorders, panic attacks, existential anxieties, crisis reactions, phobic disorders, fallacies, suicidal thoughts, exhaustion depressions, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and so on. The treatment focus on an Ego State technique that makes and allows the Ego State/Ego States that carries the symptoms, to cooperate with the therapist and the other Ego States. They find together new solutions on the existential and nonverbal level, which makes the symptoms gradually disappear and integration can start.